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Skillshare Challenge: Reinvent Education with your Dream Learning Plan

Skillshare Challenge: Reinvent Education with your Dream Learning Plan

Skillshare's Penny Conference inspires us to reinvent education. What do you want to learn, how do you want to learn it, and how will you share it with the community? Submit your plan for a chance to win a $500 grant.

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The Specifics

Skillshare is a community marketplace to learn anything from anyone. We believe that everyone has something they want to learn and something they can teach to others. We also believe that we’ve all experienced learning in one way or another, and that we’ve all got something to say about how we can improve education. That’s why we’re reaching out to the community to hear your thoughts about reinventing the way that we learn! If you could create one innovative learning plan to acquire a new skill what would it entail, and how would you share your learnings with the community?

When creating your submission, outline 3-5 bullet points of things you’re going to do to learn your new skill. Some examples include taking a Skillshare class, working on X project, joining a Meetup group, reading a certain book, or even backpacking to a foreign country. How will you then pass it forward and share your learnings with the community? Will you teach a class, create a tutorial, design a learning game, be creative! We’re covering $500 of your dream lesson plan to help you open up a world of possibilities. We’re looking for the most innovative plan – build the kind of learning experience you want to have…not one that someone else made you follow!

Submission tips:

  • Include a photo or video that represents your idea. Photos should be in JPG, PNG, or GIF format, at least 570 X 345 pixels and no larger than 10MB. To include a video, use a YouTube URL.
  • Your learning plan should have at least 3 components to it.
  • Email us at with any questions.

Rules & Regulations

  • This challenge is open for submissions from April 20 noon PT to May 21 noon PT. Submissions sent outside of this time frame will not be eligible.
  • This challenge is open to the general public.
  • Public voting will be open from May 21 noon PT to June 4 noon PT.
  • The submission with the most votes will get a $500 to implement their dream learning plan and 1 ticket to 2013 Penny Conference.
  • Skillshare reserves the right to remove or withhold postings that are offensive, inappropriate, or in opposition to the values of the Skillshare community.
  • Applicants and nominees must be 18 years or older and U.S. residents to participate.
  • Read all the rules.

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Some of these learning plans are inspiring, but several don't seem to meet the criteria of plans that can be done for $500 and/or within 6 months as contest describes. Disappointing because I had been looking forward to seeing what diverse, creative plans people would put together given those restrictions. Oh well.

by augustly
over 3 years ago | Reply

So I am a U.S. resident but am currently studying in I allowed to enter? :) Thanks!

by greenspan
over 3 years ago | Reply

Hi Greenspan, yes you are eligible! Please submit your idea by noon Pacific Time on Monday, May 21!

by moderators
over 3 years ago | Reply

I do not get it: "Applicants and nominees must be...U.S. residents to participate"????? it sounds like a joke within this community of sharing what we can with the rest of the world! I hope that many of us that live in the U.S. and abroad would raise our voices so we could revise this rule as soon as possible.

by ofira.roll
almost 4 years ago | Reply

Hi Ofira, thank you for your interest in GOOD Maker! We hope to offer international opportunities soon, if you’d like to be notified of future Challenges, let us know here:

by moderators
almost 4 years ago | Reply

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Classroom Alive. An experiment in living learning.
Classroom Alive. An experiment in living learning.

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